It’s that time of the year again! The reprieve from the horrible agony that is the post-Super Bowl sports month. Finally, FINALLY…The NCAA Tournament Has Arrived! Long live skipped Tuesday classes, SUPER extended Wednesday lunches, and Thursday morning drinking! It’s your alma mater – drop everything and get behind them. It’s not every day you’re allowed to get hyped about a game against VCU at the Cincinnati SportsGym. (Have you ever been to Cincinnati in March? It’s simply LOVELY that time of year.)

For those Band Heads who have zero idea what we’re talking about (we’re looking at you Dutch West Indies and Bulgaria), the NCAA Tournament is an annual celebration of uber-talented 19 year-olds putting in their time before the uber-monies of the NBA. The best part is the look of shock and confusion when these uber talents get beat by an upstart group of believers who watched Hoosiers one too many times (Check this -¬†Bryce Drew and Valpo¬†- and you’ll understand). It’s so much fun, we’re giddy just having our intern write a blog post about it! (**What’s with all the exclamation points, Kimmy? Jesus, isn’t it time for you to go on Spring Break already?)

This year is extra special because it’s SweetBand’s 1st NCAA tournament. (Everyone remembers their first time, right? Unless it was really uncomfortable or awkward or drunk.) To celebrate, we’ve released two bands that may or may not represent (in a non-trademark infringing sense) two teams in this year’s tournament – The San Diego State Aztecs and The North Carolina Tar Heels. Both programs have a good chance of going a long way and the difference between a trip to New Orleans and a brutal bus ride home from Dayton might just be whether or not you’re wearing a SweetBand on your head. (Have you ever been to New Orleans at the end of March? It’s seriously NICE. Perfect weather, the city doesn’t smell from the heat yet, crime drops dramatically because all the bangers are studying hard for their final exams, Crabby Jack’s is cranking for lunch, and the second line dancing be craaaaaaaazy.)

So, get yo’self a Heels an Da Show ban’s an starr talkin Cajin’ alreadies. It’s time for New Orleans.


I believe…

I believe that…

I believe that we…

I believe that we will win!

Go State!

Love, SweetBands

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