The Gay Band Comes Out

After years of plump, asexual girlfriends, theatrical hand gestures, and suspicions among friends, the Gay Band has finally come out. His family remains ever supportive…

We’re just so happy for him. I mean, I knew all along. I think we all did. We love him very much. – Mom Band

And his friends are relieved…

Thank god. If he wore one more bow tie to watch football, I swear I was going to say something. – Buddy Band

Gay Band himself is excited to finally reveal his full beauty to the world…

I just didn’t want to end up lonely, drunk, and repressed, like my Uncle Karl. Thank you SweetBands for letting me come out to the world! – Gay Band

It’s our pleasure, Gay Band. Now, you get out there, stand up, and be counted. In the words of Capt. John Miller from Saving Private Ryan: “Earn this.”

Check out more pictures from the YES-SB photo shoot on the Band Heads page, Flickr, and the SweetBands Facebook.

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