SweetBands Pre-Sale Contest – We Have A WINNER!

Shocking everyone except her loving and supportive parents, Katy Greenall of Allerton Bywater, Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK (it must be brutal to work for the British postal service) won the SweetBands Pre-Sale Contest. By being the first to post a pic of her beautiful, Band Head dome on the SweetBands Facebook page, Katy walked away with a free SweetBand and into Band Head immortality. While oddsmakers had Belinda Gomez of San Dimas, California as the contest favorite, Katy’s adept iPhone camera skills and social media prowess put her ahead of the pre-sale contestants. On her historic victory, Katy opined:

“I feel at least 37% sexier.”

Bravo, Katy. Bravo. Join the SweetBands community and stay tuned for future contests. We promise more themes involving nudity and public “art.”

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The Legend

The legend of Sweetbands is best told naked, draped over a bearskin rug, while sipping brandy with your lover...

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