SweetBands MixTape V03 – “The Nado”

SweetBands Summer Is Here!

Summertime sweaty head got you down? SweetBands to the rescue! To some, summer is about good-looking young professionals sweltering in an urban setting before one of them opens a Coors Light and the world’s most irresponsible, out-of-control train comes crashing through the city and sends everyone back to the Ice Age. (This is completely implausible in our opinion.) For SweetBands, summer is all about being wet and being sweaty and being sexy. Nothing compliments this state of being like a plush SweetBand. Slide one on and say to the rest of the world: “My forehead may be dry, but the rest of my body is a tan, gleaming Shakirah video gyrating in the golden seaside sunset.” Or you can just wear one to keep the sweat out of your eyes while mowing the lawn. But, hey, even yardwork can be sexy in the summer.

  2. ROBYN - Hang With Me
  3. LYKKE LI – I Follow Rivers
  4. STAR SLINGER – May I Walk With You?
  5. PURITY RING – Ungirthed
  6. GOLD PANDA – You
  7. BINGO PLAYERS – Cry (Just A Little)
  8. GARETH EMERY (ft. CHRISTINA NOVELLI) - Concrete Angel
  9. SUMMER HEART – I Wanna Go
  11. THE NEIGHBOURHOOD – Sweater Weather
  12. TRAMPLED BY TURTLES – Wait So Long
  13. SARAH SCHNEIDER – Without You

Download SWEETBANDS MIXTAPE VOL. 03 – “The Nado”

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