SweetBands MixTape v02 – “The La Jolla”

It’s that week before Christmas – the time when many of you will hastily pack in a hungover/still-drunk haze, grab a ride to the airport, and settle in for a few hours of cow-herding from security to gate to seat to baggage claim. More than likely, you’ll pass the time with whatever Apple device is in your pocket, so we thought we’d give you a few tunes to make the trip a bit more enjoyable.

SweetBands Holiday Travel Tips:

SB TRAVEL TIP #1 – The TSA is the devil. Do NOT look them in the eye; they steal your soul through eye contact, much like cameras do to native Latin Americans. Wear shoes without laces (Sanuks or Tom’s are good choices). Always take the x-ray line with the hot guy/girl. If you’re travelling with a loved one, be sure to stare at the hot guy/girl throughout the security process. Establishing and constantly generating jealousy is the key to a good relationship as jealousy is equal parts love and hate and every relationship needs more love.

SB ¬†TRAVEL TIP #2 – We know that you’re stoked to have a week off of work, but did you really need to party until 3am before a 7am flight? (BTW, this is a rhetorical question and the only correct answer is “Yes.”) If you find yourself in a wildly hungover/still-drunk state, try to force yourself to speak at half the volume you think is normal. You’re not Alec Baldwin, getting kicked off a plane isn’t “cool.” It’s a pain in the butt, trust us. (But still pretty funny…)

SB TRAVEL TIP #3 – With the hungover/still-drunk situation, you have a few drink options. Cranberry juice and tons of water always helps. Coffee is a big no-no. (Ever been stuck in the window seat on a 45-minute taxi/take-off when coffee hits the burrito, beer, vodka sodas, and tequila shots from the night before? Not fun.) Restarting the party with some airport/airplane day drinking is probably the most viable and fun option, but you’re going to reek after 3-5 hours in a small space. Consider who’s picking you up before taking this route. If it’s mom, be prepared for some disappointed looks and off-hand comments when you bring up your awesome life later in the week.

Have a good trip, you’ll be in Cleveland before you know it.

  1. CALVIN HARRIS – Feel So Close
  2. M83 – Midnight City
  3. KIMBRA – Cameo Lover
  4. KASKADE – Turn It Down
  5. SKRILLEX – Scary Monsters & Nice Sprites
  7. ADELE (ft. CHILDISH GAMBINO) – Rolling In The Deep
  8. MAJOR LAZER (ft. SANTIGOLD & MR. LEXX) - Hold The Line
  9. WALE (ft. MEEK MILL & RICK ROSS) – Ambition
  10. OF MONSTERS AND MEN – Little Talks
  11. HOLLERADO – Good Day At The Races
  12. LANA DEL REY – Born To Die
  13. STARS – Dead Hearts
  14. PORT ST. WILLOW – Stay Even
  15. CHAMBERLIN – Lost In The World
  16. COEUR DE PIRATE – Corbeau

Download SWEETBANDS MIXTAPE VOL. 02 – “The La Jolla”

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