SweetBands Black Friday Holiday Sale!


It’s Thanksgiving! Which can only mean one thing… Re-enactments of the the Pilgrims and Indians at Plymouth? Nope. Food and football? Wrong again. Drunk-fest with family members we can’t stand during the rest of the year?? True, but not what we’re looking for.

Thanksgiving is the pre-game toast to America’s most-beloved holiday – BLACK FRIDAY! A day when the young are taught the meaning of consumerism and Americans everywhere riot at Wal-Mart like it’s Tahrir Square. Black Friday, the day when you throw a 60″ flat-screen and a 9-speed jumbo blender in a shopping cart and plow your way to the check-out stand. Because there may be unrest in the European financial markets and starving children in the Horn of Africa, but Twilight box sets are 50%-off!

There will be millions of purchases this Friday that we don’t need and can’t afford, but one thing everyone needs is a good sweatband. With the SweetBands Black Friday Holiday Sale, we’re making it a little easier for America to get some soft, plushy goodness on their head. From Thursday, November 24 (aka “T-gives”) thru Sunday, November 27, all SweetBands are 2-for-1. That’s right! 2-FOR-1!! Simply enter the code below on check-out and you’re all good.

Did we mention SweetBands make MUCH better stocking stuffers than 60″ TVs?

Happy Black Friday!



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