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Have you ever wanted to quit your job, donate your IKEA crap to Goodwill, give your TV to your roommate, and travel the world? Yeah? Us, too. Well, earlier this year, a couple Band Heads, Jim Karlovsky and Rachel Nelson, did just that. They threw on a backpack, a SweetBand, and took off. But unlike most Band Heads who travel to “find new music” in 18-and-up Italian discos, Jim and Rachel are using their adventures to build a community of philanthropic and positive-minded individuals who view travel as a way of spreading and discovering the good in humanity. Through their The Globe Less Traveled project (TGLT), they’ve created a hub where people can connect, share, and support around the project’s admirable mantra: TGLTTravel, Give, Love, Transform.

Now, most Band Heads probably believe that “Volunteer” is synonymous with “Community Service.” But, in actuality, a lot of people volunteer out of the kindness of their hearts, without a court order. To demonstrate the difference in terms – Lindsey Lohan wasn’t “volunteering” at the LA County morgue, that was “community service.” Whereas, Sean Penn was “volunteering” when he single-handedly sandbagged the levee breach after Hurricane Katrina. Make sense?

Earlier this month, SweetBands was lucky enough to be featured in TGLT’sSpread The Love” series. Although it’s nice to have SweetBands described as “inspiring” and “witty” by such estimable individuals, it’s even better to be associated with the TGLT project. For those who haven’t read the tantilizing Info section yet, SweetBands love to travel. And they also love to be affiliated with “volunteering” and “happiness through selflessness.” So, we’re going to launch a few SweetBands initiatives right here, right now…


Initiative #1:  If you travel, take your SweetBand. It will thank you for it and provide extra softness on your head. More importantly, take a picture and post it to the SweetBands Facebook page or on Flickr with the tag “sweetbands.” Anyone who posts pictures from five different countries will get a code for a FREE SweetBand. We’ll also add a pin to our swanky interactive map showing all the places SweetBands have gone.

Initiative #2:  If you wear a SweetBand while volunteering or spreading “happiness through selflessness” and post a picture to the SweetBands Facebook or on Flickr with the tag “sweetbands,” we’ll give you a code for 50% off your next SweetBands purchase.*

It’s that easy! Travel, do something good, post a picture, and get some swag. We’re really counting on this being a cornerstone of our future TED talk, so please consult the TGLT website if you’re still unclear on what qualifies as “travel,” “volunteering,” and “spreading happiness through selflessness.”


- sweetbands

*One discount per Band Head.

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