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SweetBands Apparel - Go Aztecs!

Tourney Time – Go Aztecs!

Let’s go Aztecs!  

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SweetBands Alpha (Texas Chapter) Name: Danny Dietrick Sex: Male Hometown: NOLA, baby! Occupation: Rockstar and Father Favorite Band: The La Jolla & The Drunk We first met Danny at the steeplechase near Roland Garros (Auteuil?) and were immediately taken by his bemused outlook on the ironies of ex-pat life – “I...

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It’s that time of the year again! The reprieve from the horrible agony that is the post-Super Bowl sports month. Finally, FINALLY…The NCAA Tournament Has Arrived! Long live skipped Tuesday classes, SUPER extended Wednesday lunches, and Thursday morning drinking! It’s your alma mater – drop everything and get behind...

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St. Patrick’s Day Drunk Band Sale!

First a contest and now a sale?? Holy schmoly! It must be the lead up to everyone’s favorite drunken holiday…ST. PATRICK’S DAY! You might not know this, but besides Thanksgiving Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, Halloween, Superbowl Sunday, Fat Tuesday and Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick’s...

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Happy Valentine’s Day From SweetBands!

SweetBands and The Artist Formerly Known As Prince extend a very happy Valentine’s Day to the SB community. After extensive online research by an SB intern, we’ve compiled a quick background on Valentine’s Day for anyone living under a rock or a place where life is so hard that...

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Free SweetBand! (for real…)

From now through 10:30am EST on February 1st (that’s tomorrow for those on the Mayan calendar), our friends at are offering a $10 FREE CREDIT to anyone who signs up for through this discount link - What does it all mean? Well, for one, is either...

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Fab_logo_200by200 SweetBands Sale!

What are you doing this Sunday, January 29th? If your answer is – “Watching the Pro Bowl from Aloha Stadium because it’s the second-to-last NFL game of the year and I don’t know what I’ll do with my life once football is gone”…well then, we can’t really blame you....

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SweetBands: The World’s Greatest Stocking-Stuffer*

We at SweetBands fully appreciate the war between the Santa-fearing, Christian traditionalists and the secular progressive agenda. Trust us, we want nothing to do with the debate over whether October through December is “Christmas Season” or “The Holidays.” We define “Stocking-Stuffer” in the broadest of terms: a small, novel present equally appropriate...

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SweetBands Black Friday Holiday Sale!

  It’s Thanksgiving! Which can only mean one thing… Re-enactments of the the Pilgrims and Indians at Plymouth? Nope. Food and football? Wrong again. Drunk-fest with family members we can’t stand during the rest of the year?? True, but not what we’re looking for. Thanksgiving is the pre-game toast...

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SweetBands Featured On The Globe Less Traveled

Have you ever wanted to quit your job, donate your IKEA crap to Goodwill, give your TV to your roommate, and travel the world? Yeah? Us, too. Well, earlier this year, a couple Band Heads, Jim Karlovsky and Rachel Nelson, did just that. They threw on a backpack, a...

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