Happy Valentine’s Day From SweetBands!

SweetBands and The Artist Formerly Known As Prince extend a very happy Valentine’s Day to the SB community. After extensive online research by an SB intern, we’ve compiled a quick background on Valentine’s Day for anyone living under a rock or a place where life is so hard that love doesn’t exist (like Detroit or Demi Moore’s house).

“A predecessor to ‘Single’s Awareness Day,’ Valentine’s Day was originally created in 1946 by legendary, Madison avenue stalwart, Conrad Lemon. Grinding his way through the Hallmark account strategy for ’47, it dawned on him: ‘Why not make a holiday geared entirely around greeting cards?’ Coincidentally, Conrad’s wife, April ‘Lulu’ Lemon, owned a small flower shop and suggested the holiday should also include flowers and erotic cakes from her cousin’s bakery. The two set upon finding a theme for the holiday and narrowed it down to three options – “Write a Letter to Congress Day,” “Say Thank You Day,” and “Lovers’ Day.” They decided on the later and named February 14th ‘Valentine’s Day’ after Lulu’s favorite actor, Rudolph Valentino. Today, Valentine’s Day means cards, flowers, and a nice dinner between two lovers. All of this in the hope that the magical day might culminate in hearing those three special words – ‘Let’s try anal.’”The Internet

And there you have it. If you find yourself on a date tonight where the conversation has ceased and both of you have come to the internal, sighing resolution that “Is this really the best I can do?”, drop some of this history and don’t forget the lube.


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