Free SweetBand! (for real…)

From now through 10:30am EST on February 1st (that’s tomorrow for those on the Mayan calendar), our friends at are offering a $10 FREE CREDIT to anyone who signs up for through this discount link -

What does it all mean? Well, for one, is either super rich or has a VERY aggressive business model to throw money around like this. But, more importantly, it means you can snatch up a SweetBand for the cost of shipping. That’s right, FREE* (*shipping costs not included)!!! The SweetBands’ sale runs through February 1st at 10:30am EST and all bands are $10. So, all you need to do is follow the link, sign up for, select your favorite SweetBand from the sale, apply the credit on checkout, and pay a few bucks for shipping. Awesome, right?!

Now, we know a lot of you are saying: “Nothing is free in life. What’s the catch?” We totally agree with the sentiment and learned this lesson the hard way during our SweetBands retreat to the “Free Timeshare Weekend in Cabo.” But this time around it really is free. No credit cards at sign-up. No whacky questionnaires or computer viruses. You can cancel your account at any time. And if you already own a SweetBand, you can use that $10 credit toward an ergonomic smartphone grip or eco-friendly bamboo bowl. (Although everyone knows that you’ll want another SweetBand.)

Everyone likes free stuff. Get after it!

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