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What are you doing this Sunday, January 29th? If your answer is – “Watching the Pro Bowl from Aloha Stadium because it’s the second-to-last NFL game of the year and I don’t know what I’ll do with my life once football is gone”…well then, we can’t really blame you. But when it gets to be the middle of the second quarter and you’re bored and tired of the incessant cutting to sideline interviews with pseudo-celebs, fire up your iPad and check out the SWEETBANDS’ FAB.COM SALE!

For those not yet included in the 1.4million signed up for Fab’s “daily design inspirations and sales,” Fab is kind of like Gilt except with cool, design-y things instead of overpriced, defective chinos. The SweetBands sale will run from Sunday through Tuesday and we’re sharing the space with some awesome products – Beardo (the world’s only bearded beanie), a 2012 bubble calendar, and rad globes from ImagineNations. Check it out. Tell your peoples. Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!






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