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June is LGBT Pride Month

LGBT Pride Month

June is LGBT Pride Month. Is your Gay Band ready? Buy The Gay Band C heck Out SB’s Instagram!          

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The Chomp SweetBand

Tourney Time for The Gators

Sweatbands aren’t SweetBands. Go Gators!  

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Sweat Gutr


Meet Sweat GUTR… Marketed as the “Ultimate Sweatband,” its “patented technology” funnels sweat away from the eyes and “increases vision by reducing fogging and streaking in glasses.” It’s also adjustable for “maximum comfort.” Can we just come out and say it?…What a crock of s*&%. This is what happens...

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SweetBands Apparel - Go Aztecs!

Tourney Time – Go Aztecs!

Let’s go Aztecs!  

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Chomp Time

Chomp Time

Go Gators! Game time at 7:27pm EST…b/c it’s totally normal to start games :27min past the hour.    

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It’s that time of the year again! The reprieve from the horrible agony that is the post-Super Bowl sports month. Finally, FINALLY…The NCAA Tournament Has Arrived! Long live skipped Tuesday classes, SUPER extended Wednesday lunches, and Thursday morning drinking! It’s your alma mater – drop everything and get behind...

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The Gay Band Comes Out

After years of plump, asexual girlfriends, theatrical hand gestures, and suspicions among friends, the Gay Band has finally come out. His family remains ever supportive… We’re just so happy for him. I mean, I knew all along. I think we all did. We love him very much. – Mom...

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The Drunk Band

Here at SweetBands, it’s sometimes REALLY easy to get caught up in our work. Take, for instance, the first draft of our press release for the Drunk Band: Day runk and leashes tahday! Is plushhhh and grine staymen peez fur da fashin forwer loosh. Allzo werkz in uh sane...

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An Ode to Stache Stylings

When people think of the Stache, they think of small mustaches and sweat. Personally, mustaches and sweat immediately make me think of my balls. What if balls had less of a full covering of pubic hair but instead had a small mustache at the base of the scrotum? You...

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Sweatbands Flash

“Flash” your Adidas? Apparently, this copywriter had never been to Mardi Gras....

SweetBands Buns of Steel

“4…and 3…and 2…and 1!”  

Jesse and Marvin

Just a little Jesse J and Marvin Gaye on thisĀ #tbt.

Oh Beanz…

The Legend

The legend of Sweetbands is best told naked, draped over a bearskin rug, while sipping brandy with your lover...

Band Heads

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