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What are you doing this Sunday, January 29th? If your answer is – “Watching the Pro Bowl from Aloha Stadium because it’s the second-to-last NFL game of the year and I don’t know what I’ll do with my life once football is gone”…well then, we can’t really blame you....

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SweetBands MixTape v02 – “The La Jolla”

It’s that week before Christmas – the time when many of you will hastily pack in a hungover/still-drunk haze, grab a ride to the airport, and settle in for a few hours of cow-herding from security to gate to seat to baggage claim. More than likely, you’ll pass the...

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SweetBands: The World’s Greatest Stocking-Stuffer*

We at SweetBands fully appreciate the war between the Santa-fearing, Christian traditionalists and the secular progressive agenda. Trust us, we want nothing to do with the debate over whether October through December is “Christmas Season” or “The Holidays.” We define “Stocking-Stuffer” in the broadest of terms: a small, novel present equally appropriate...

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Band Heads Bio: Tim Hook

Sweetbands Social Member Name: Tim Hook Sex: Male Age: 33 Occupation: Video Editor Favorite Band: The La Jolla “For years, I thought that having wolf nipples would keep me from ever finding true love. Every time I became intimate with a woman, I would begin lactating and a strong...

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SweetBands Black Friday Holiday Sale!

  It’s Thanksgiving! Which can only mean one thing… Re-enactments of the the Pilgrims and Indians at Plymouth? Nope. Food and football? Wrong again. Drunk-fest with family members we can’t stand during the rest of the year?? True, but not what we’re looking for. Thanksgiving is the pre-game toast...

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SweetBands Featured On The Globe Less Traveled

Have you ever wanted to quit your job, donate your IKEA crap to Goodwill, give your TV to your roommate, and travel the world? Yeah? Us, too. Well, earlier this year, a couple Band Heads, Jim Karlovsky and Rachel Nelson, did just that. They threw on a backpack, a...

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The Gay Band Comes Out

After years of plump, asexual girlfriends, theatrical hand gestures, and suspicions among friends, the Gay Band has finally come out. His family remains ever supportive… We’re just so happy for him. I mean, I knew all along. I think we all did. We love him very much. – Mom...

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The Drunk Band

Here at SweetBands, it’s sometimes REALLY easy to get caught up in our work. Take, for instance, the first draft of our press release for the Drunk Band: Day runk and leashes tahday! Is plushhhh and grine staymen peez fur da fashin forwer loosh. Allzo werkz in uh sane...

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SweetBands MixTape v01 – “The Tenenbomb”

There comes a point in every Band Head’s life when it’s time to get off the Learjet, throw on some Ultrasone Limited Edition cans, admire the warm Ibiza sunset, and hop in a waiting car for their once-a-month on the tables at Pacha. In honor of the release of...

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Stay away from this man

Band Heads Bio: Christopher Waldo

Sweetbands Social Member Name: Christopher Waldo Sex: male Age: 42 Occupation: Unemployable Favorite Band: The Stache “Having never worn a sweatband I was hesitant at first. But one day, while jogging, sweat dripped down my brow directly into my eyes. It was terrifying. It felt like a thousand virgin...

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