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Letter From A SweetBand Customer

Email From A SweetBand Customer

[SB NOTE - We typically get emails from the SweetBand community about SweetBand ownership - "If I order a SweetBand, will my friends be overcome with jealousy? If so, should I care?", "I received my first SweetBand last week and women keep throwing themselves at me. At first it...

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Band Heads Bio: Tim Hook

Sweetbands Social Member Name: Tim Hook Sex: Male Age: 33 Occupation: Video Editor Favorite Band: The La Jolla “For years, I thought that having wolf nipples would keep me from ever finding true love. Every time I became intimate with a woman, I would begin lactating and a strong...

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SweetBands Featured On The Globe Less Traveled

Have you ever wanted to quit your job, donate your IKEA crap to Goodwill, give your TV to your roommate, and travel the world? Yeah? Us, too. Well, earlier this year, a couple Band Heads, Jim Karlovsky and Rachel Nelson, did just that. They threw on a backpack, a...

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Stay away from this man

Band Heads Bio: Christopher Waldo

Sweetbands Social Member Name: Christopher Waldo Sex: male Age: 42 Occupation: Unemployable Favorite Band: The Stache “Having never worn a sweatband I was hesitant at first. But one day, while jogging, sweat dripped down my brow directly into my eyes. It was terrifying. It felt like a thousand virgin...

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SweetBands Pre-Sale Contest – We Have A WINNER!

Shocking everyone except her loving and supportive parents, Katy Greenall of Allerton Bywater, Castleford, West Yorkshire, UK (it must be brutal to work for the British postal service) won the SweetBands Pre-Sale Contest. By being the first to post a pic of her beautiful, Band Head dome on the...

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Sweatbands Flash

“Flash” your Adidas? Apparently, this copywriter had never been to Mardi Gras....

SweetBands Buns of Steel

“4…and 3…and 2…and 1!”  

Jesse and Marvin

Just a little Jesse J and Marvin Gaye on this #tbt.

Oh Beanz…

The Legend

The legend of Sweetbands is best told naked, draped over a bearskin rug, while sipping brandy with your lover...

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