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Rob Carew SweetBand

Rod Carew Throwback

If Rod Carew then so should you! #rodcarew #TBT #sweetbandsapparel #sweatbands  

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Brooklyn Bridge Band Heads

Brooklyn Bridge Throwback Bands

You can’t really see it, but all of these guys are wearing SweetBands. Trust us, nothing this awesome happens without a SweetBand.  

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SweetBand April Fools

April Fool’s

Before going off all half-cocked when your teenage daughter tells you she’s pregnant, remember that today is April 1st. There will be no Creed reunion tour, Obama didn’t step down b/c he’s actually a Muslim born in Kenya, Google Nose doesn’t exist, and your precious Harlem Shake videos are...

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Nice pose, Bobby.

Sexy Band Head

We understand SweetBands are sexy and get you all excited. But if you forget your clothes in a Band Head pic, at least remember to tag it #sweetbands. (Nice pose, Bobby.)  

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Gay Band

All We Need Is Love

The “Yes SB” Movement is alive and well…        

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Baron von Luxury

Baron Von Luxury

What does Baron von Luxxury have to do with SweetBands? Nothing. But when we started SweetBands, this is what we imagined it would look like. Bravo, Mr. Baron.

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The Chomp SweetBand

Tourney Time for The Gators

Sweatbands aren’t SweetBands. Go Gators!  

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The Sweatband

The Sweatband

This is The Sweatband, a “groove based ensemble with soaring vocals formed last year to meet the need for Funk and Groove in Central Oregon.” We didn’t realize there was a need for funk and groove in Central Oregon. We figured weed, snowboarding, and organic trail mix was enough to...

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Sweat Gutr


Meet Sweat GUTR… Marketed as the “Ultimate Sweatband,” its “patented technology” funnels sweat away from the eyes and “increases vision by reducing fogging and streaking in glasses.” It’s also adjustable for “maximum comfort.” Can we just come out and say it?…What a crock of s*&%. This is what happens...

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Life In Color

Life In Color – San Diego

Life In Color “World’s Largest Paint Party” San Diego is in just 2 weeks! Grab a SweetBand for your sweaty paint head.  

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Bands Blog

Sweatbands Flash

“Flash” your Adidas? Apparently, this copywriter had never been to Mardi Gras....

SweetBands Buns of Steel

“4…and 3…and 2…and 1!”  

Jesse and Marvin

Just a little Jesse J and Marvin Gaye on this #tbt.

Oh Beanz…

The Legend

The legend of Sweetbands is best told naked, draped over a bearskin rug, while sipping brandy with your lover...

Band Heads

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