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St. Patrick’s Day Drunk Band Sale!

First a contest and now a sale?? Holy schmoly! It must be the lead up to everyone’s favorite drunken holiday…ST. PATRICK’S DAY! You might not know this, but besides Thanksgiving Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Christmas, Halloween, Superbowl Sunday, Fat Tuesday and Cinco De Mayo, St. Patrick’s...

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Drunk Tommy

SweetBands St. Patrick’s Day Contest!

Here at SweetBands, we love three things: sweatbands, the movie Purple Rain (starring The Artist Formerly Known As Prince), and drinking until we pee our pants. Installing a projector in our warehouse helped satisfy our first two passions. (Have you ever watched Purple Rain on laser disc while surrounded by the most impressive selection...

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Band Heads Bio: Tim Hook

Sweetbands Social Member Name: Tim Hook Sex: Male Age: 33 Occupation: Video Editor Favorite Band: The La Jolla “For years, I thought that having wolf nipples would keep me from ever finding true love. Every time I became intimate with a woman, I would begin lactating and a strong...

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Stay away from this man

Band Heads Bio: Christopher Waldo

Sweetbands Social Member Name: Christopher Waldo Sex: male Age: 42 Occupation: Unemployable Favorite Band: The Stache “Having never worn a sweatband I was hesitant at first. But one day, while jogging, sweat dripped down my brow directly into my eyes. It was terrifying. It felt like a thousand virgin...

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Bands Blog

Sweatbands Flash

“Flash” your Adidas? Apparently, this copywriter had never been to Mardi Gras....

SweetBands Buns of Steel

“4…and 3…and 2…and 1!”  

Jesse and Marvin

Just a little Jesse J and Marvin Gaye on this #tbt.

Oh Beanz…

The Legend

The legend of Sweetbands is best told naked, draped over a bearskin rug, while sipping brandy with your lover...

Band Heads

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